Camel Punch - Brighton-based web development

Web development services from Brighton

Camel Punch was a Web Development company that specialised in Ruby on Rails. Our clients included the BBC and several start ups.

Although the company is now dissolved, you can still contact Andrew at his Camel Punch email.

Stuff we did

  • Ruby and JavaScript programming languages
  • Standards-based XHTML, HTML5 and CSS
  • JavaScript / AJAX applications
  • Relational and document-based databases
  • Extensive experience writing ecommerce and business-oriented systems
  • Linux hosting using Amazon AWS

We were down with some other buzz terms you may have heard, such as behaviour-driven development and the Agile family of methodologies.

Why “Camel Punch”?

It's a reference to a great moment in film history, and we just like silly names. Google it.


  • We hit the jackpot with Andrew and his team. Our business idea was considerably improved by the intuitive and forward-thinking Camel Punch approach.

    We'll continue to work with our friends at Camel Punch as we grow as a company and as a website.

    Ian Ascough, Superhug